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Flexible Viewing options

  The flexible viewing options allow some unique display abilities.  In the screen shot at right, the graphics view was split into four view ports.  Each view port  has a different image from the same file loaded as follows:

Top Left: A zoomed in view of a small area of the semi-finish pass with the backplot of the semi-finish displayed on top.

Top Right: The roughing pass of the entire part

Bottom left: The same zoomed area of the part with the entire semi-roughing pass displayed to provide perspective of the location.

Bottom right: The finish pass of the entire part.  

Extreme close-up...

In just in minutes, MCU easily shows detail that would otherwise require a microscope. The model below is a small section of a 16 MB finish pass for a bottle mold. (The file contained over a million lines of code).

SSSurfaceDetailBottle.gif (19739 bytes)

SSSurfaceDetailBottleBadLight.gif (14290 bytes)

The lighting control provides dynamic light position and intensity which guarantees that you see all the detail available in a model.

The two pictures above are of exactly the same model.  The only difference is the position and intensity of the lighting.  This models represents a small area of a bottle mold, approximately = 0.1" x 0.1" (2.5mmx2.5mm)

With just a click on the surface, MCU highlights the area (yellow swatch) and instantly provides the detailed information, for instance, in the pick above:

  • The pick area was cut by line #141055 which was a G1 motion .015" (0.381mm) long.

  • It was machined by Tool #4 at a feed of 35"/min with a speed of 10000 rpm. 

  • Tool #4 is a .125" spherical end mill.

All of this information and much more is available just by clicking on the model.   If desired, the backplot of the toolpath may be viewed superimposed on the model.