The BMR 500 Rebreather

Here is the beginning of the BMR500 Page. I finally took a few picks of the unit. My apologies to Daryll Ertell who sent me pictures but my server ate them. (send 'em again if you want). I will try and get some detail shots of the unit on this page soon.

Predive Setup and check.

w/Gratuitous photo of Paul. I got the drysuit and rebreather, he gets the mug shot. I like this arrangement.

Shot of the 500 from behind. Notice the color coordinated mask strap and rebreather decal.

Bill, Checking out the weighting on a new dry suit with the rebreather.


The Drysuit is a Dacor (believe it or not) Haberski convinced me to take a look at one and I bought it. Very rugged and very flexible. Worth a look.

The location is Northern New York's, downright beautiful St. Lawrence river, at Alexandria Bay.



Sorry this isn't fancier. I only had a few minutes to put it up. More to follow... and you other 500 owners, send me your pics. (or wait, and make you own page!)


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