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233 Somerville Rd.

Antwerp, NY 13608,  USA


The Rebreather Website and The Rebreather Mail List is maintained on the server of Northwood Designs, Inc. as a service to the rebreather community.  Northwood Designs has recently become a distributor for Sofnolime (tm) CO2 absorbant.

Personal Credits

The Rebreather Website webmaster and designer is:  Bill Elliott

The Rebreather List Postmaster is: Paul Elliott


Very Special Thanks

To Paul Elliott for putting together the e-mail archives and for volunteering to mind the e-mail list since I travel too much and can't.  Also for providing grunt work on occasion putting some pages on the website (for those of you who don't know, websites are MOSTLY grunt work.)

To all the people around the world who have contributed pictures, articles, and critique to this website, most of these people are credited on the pages that they helped with.  Also thanks to the people and manufacturers who have allowed to me dive their units to get a broader understanding of rebreathers in general, which has no doubt made this a better website.

To the rebreather manufacturers around the world who have for the most part been very helpful in providing information about their individual units and who have continued to educate me.

To the members of the rebreather mail list, who have over the last couple of years talked about nearly everything one could possibly think of in regards to rebreathers and provided a great number of head banging sessions.

-Bill Elliott

PS- To anyone who feels slighted in any way because I didn't mention them... pound sand.

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