Lotsa Breathers

Thanks to Edward Kuok, a rebreather list member for sending the picture below. The picture was taken in PNG during Edwards training on fully closed rebreathers. Not a bad place to learn...

"The Collection"

This is quite a picture, I don't think there has been a collection quite as diverse as this on the same boat very many times. Pictured here are 4 fully closed units (the 4 leftmost units) and 2 semi-closed units (the 2 rightmost units). the two leftmost units are similar in many ways to the units currently being used by the US Navy (the MK16). The BMR500 is a newly available unit which uses a very similar design philosophy to the Mk155's. The PRISM Topaz is is also fully closed unit but with a different general layout and design.

All of the fully closed units require similar skills and techniques to operate. They all may be run in an "automatic" mode which adds O2 based on the current ppO2 in the loop. They may also be run manually, or even in a semi-closed mode.

The two semi-closed units differ a great deal in their design philosophy, both from the fully closed units and from each other. The Atlantis uses a constant mass flow valve to send a continuos stream of nitrox into the breathing loop. The Halcyon uses the divers breathing to add gas (any particular premix) relative to the rate of breathing, furthermore this "demand" addition system, automatically varies the amount added as the depth changes.

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