Rebreather Video


Titled: Rebreathers VOL 1 The Future Of Diving!

Rebreathers are a contentious subject! Many people believe rebreathers are inherently dangerous. Many more believe they are the future of diving. Like them or not rebreathers are here to stay.

The video is intended to give a general understanding of rebreathers. It is also an opportunity to study up close some of the rebreathers in use today. Before purchasing or training on any rebreather it is wise to get as much information from as many sources as possible. By watching this video, by researching the web links provided on the video and by seeking comment from experienced rebreather divers you should be well on your way to making a reasoned judgement as to whether rebreathers are for you.

The Video is split in to 3 parts.

Part 1. A simple, general explanation of rebreather mechanics and design. Covering the workings of O2 rebreathers, Semi Closed Circuit (SCC) rebreathers and Fully Closed Circuit (FCC) rebreathers.

Part 2. Is the bulk of the video showing a more detailed look at 5 different rebreathers currently being dived. Each of the 5 segments is about 12 minutes in duration. Each unit is explained by an experienced owner of that unit. The diver explains the specific workings of his unit and makes comments on his experiences and his perceived strengths and weakness's of that unit. Each unit is shown in detail both above and below the water.

These units are: Cis Lunar MK 5P FCC MK 15.5 FCC Inspiration FCC Prism FCC Dolphin SCC

Part 3. Summary of rebreather video and rebreather use. Useful links to other sources of rebreather information.

This video is available for purchase at $29.95 plus shipping and handling for VHS and $39.95 plus shipping for PAL Major credit cards and Checks are acceptable forms of payment. For further information please e mail Mad Dog Expeditions at or call us on 212 744 6763

Vol II should be out in the next few months. Among the units we hope to review are the Megaladon FCC, CCR 2000 FCC, and the Halcyon 80.