The OBS UBA 90-400

Bailout Rebreather

The following pictures and information were contributed by Atle Aamodt from Norway. He is a rebreather list member.

In Norway we have a company called OTTESTAD BREATHING SYSTEMS AS (OBS).

In 1991 they developed a semi-closed bail-out system for deep-diving in the Norwegian petroleum sector. This bail-out system was a mechanical rebreather with very low WOB due to a patented breathing assisted system. This mechanical semi-closed rebreather was used down to about 400 msw, and worked well. Today OBS has no market for this product in the Norwegian oil industry and this unit is gone.. The OBS UBA 90 - 400 is history but the technology lives on in a new breathing system for firefighters and rescue personnel.

This is a picture of the UBA 90-400 as it was rigged for use as bailout with a surface supplied helmet.



Below you will find the schematic of the UBA 90-400 Bailout rebreather.


This is a chart of the work of breathing, at remarkable depths, with the assisted breathing mechanism.


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