Haberski's Pool Pics

(and other stuff...)

Within this page you will find Pictures taken by Jim Haberski during a pool session trying out the Aura fully closed circuit rebreather. There are also other interesting bits of rebreather gear scattered about. Thanks to Jim Haberski for the Pics.

First, direct from Jim, with very little info, here are the pics of the Aura. Jim dove this unit in a pool only. There is a link to the Aura Web site in the Manufacturers section of this web site.

Above are pictures of the Aura Outside and Inside

Below is a picture of a diver in the pool with an Aura

Jim had quite a collection going this day at the pool, I wish I could remember what all of them are, but the CCR1000 the list members keep hearing about is at the top of the group.

Here is Jim and an unknown, getting ready for a dive. Below you will find pics of Jim with the yellow beast in the cold dark waters of the great lakes.

I wanted to give some more information about these pics, but I am already stretching what Jim told me... he did get the pics here, but the descriptions of the pics... well... picture a Haberski post!

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