The Rebreather Mailing List

The rebreather mailing list is an automatic list server which distributes messages to members of the list. The list consists of anyone interested in learning more about rebreathers, but most of the members have more than a passing interest in rebreathers and either own one or are closely associated with the manufacturing, research, or use within a working environment.

The list is currently unmoderated, but please use your common sense and good netiquette if you join the list. If you are new to rebreathers please read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) before posting to this list. 


Important note for Outlook users: when sending messages, make sure your email is formatted as plain text.  To do this select the menu item "Format | plain text" when creating your message.

Subscription Information

 THIS MAILING LIST IS AN ADULT FORUM! In other words, if you join this list, be an adult. The list members encourage well planned witty debates, strong opinions, and most of all learning something new. Please be sure your post contains questions or answers not just statements without explanations. READ YOUR POST BEFORE YOU PUSH THE SEND BUTTON! If your post looks like you're making your point by shouting, or with expletive deletives, name calling, belittling, etc. Don't push the send button, do not collect $200.00 and go immediately to another mailing list.

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