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This page lists manufacturers of Rebreathers both semi and fully closed. They are divided into two primary categories, "currently shipping" and "Rebreathers in Process". Currently shipping is defined as someone somewhere in the world owns and dives one unit.

If you are a manufacturer of rebreathers and would like your company information listed on this page or you would like to update the information contained here, please send your information here.

Currently Shipping Rebreathers  (alphabetically ordered...)

A.U.R.A.  ph-1-800-678-9011, fx-206-241-9187
PO Box 68272, Seattle, WA  98168, USA
*AURA has  entered into a manufacturing partnership with:
Olympic Submarine Technologies
W 21 Sanderson Way, Shelton, WA 98584.

Dan Wible

Model: CCR 2000

Ambient Pressure Diving, U.K., ph- (44-1326) 563834, fax- (44-1326) 573605
Water-Ma-Trout Ind.Est,  Helston, Cornwall, UK  TR13 0LW

eMail: website:
Type: Fully-Closed
Model: Inspiration
Shipping: Currently available
First units sold:
November 1997
Cost: 3900.00 UK Pounds (Jan 2003)

BMI (formerly Biomarine Instruments), Ph- (610) 873-7200
Downingtown, PA, USA
Contact: Dick King
Type: Fully-Closed
Current Model: BMR500 $5995.00 USD
Shipping: Original orders are being filled. New orders are being taken. Deliveries have been slow.

Carleton Life Support Technologies Ltd

Fullerton Sherwood Division
1-1200 Aerowood Drive, Mississauga, Ont. Canada L4W 2S7
Phone: 905.629.3245  Fax: 905.629.8306

Fullerton - Sherwood website:
Carlton website :
: Fully-Closed
  (Military Only)

S-10 Closed Circuit Rebreather
Closed Circuit O2 set for 0-8 meters of water.
S-24 Closed Circuit / Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather.
Closed Circuit / Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather from 0 - 24 metres.
SIVA -55 Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather
A semi-closed mixed gas rebreather to 55 metres. Can also be used in closed circuit mode to 8 metres for covert operations.
SIVA + Semi Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Rebreather
A semi-closed mixed gas rebreather to 95 metres. This set can also be used in closed circuit mode to 8 metres for covert operations.

Cis-Lunar Labs, USA
ph- (978) 368-0771, fax- (978) 368-0542
835 Sterling Road, South Lancaster, MA 01561
Type: Fully-Closed
Model: Mk5p $17,500 USD
Shipping: First run has been delivered.
Past Models: MK4 $15,000 USD

more information can be found on the Cis-Lunar pages of this web.

Divex, Ltd
ph- +44 (0)1224 746500, fax- +44 (0)1224 740172
Enterprise Drive, Westhill Industrial Estate, Westhill, Aberdeen Scotland, UK AB32 6TQ
Type: Fully-Closed
Model: (Military/Commercial only...)
Stealth EOD 
Closed circuit mixed gas rebreather for Mine Counter Measures, Explosive Ordinance Disposal operations
Stealth SF
Closed circuit mixed gas rebreather for Special operations
Extreme endurance closed circuit oxygen rebreather for Special Forces extended duration combat swimmer operations.
Closed circuit oxygen rebreather for Special Forces combat swimmer operations.
A saturation diving emergency bale-out rebreather for use in commercial diving to 450msw.

DrägerDiveph- +49 (4502)-883-241, fax- +49 (4502)-883-202

Dräger Sicherheitstechnik GmbH,
Revalstr. 1
D-23560 Lübeck
Type: Semi-Closed,
Model: Dolphin (update to the Atlantis)
Shipping: 1998
Notes: The Dolphin is the replacement for the Atlantis which was sold by Uwatec. Draeger will be supplying parts for the Atlantis in the future. I saw one of the finished units at DEMA.

Halcyon, USA
, ph-(954) 462-5570, fax-(954) 462-6115  sales: (800) 327-0412
940 N.W. First Street, Ft Lauderdale, Florida 33311
Contact: Robert Carmichael
Type: Semi-closed
Halcyon Rebreather w/case,and two quick connects $6885.00
Halcyon II with depth compensatated VRPGA $4885.00
Halcyon II (non-depth compensated) PGA $3485.00
Shipping: Orders are being taken, units are being delivered.

Innerspace Systems Corp, ph- (360 748.1084)
P. O. Box 1306
Centralia, WA 98531
web site:
Type:  Fully-closed
Models:  ISC MEGALODON   $6500.00 US

Interspiro   -
Offices throughout the world, see the website for details.
Models: Oxydive (closed curcuit oxygen rebreather), DCSC (Semi-closed, demand add)

Laguna Research, Inc.,
SoCal Division (R&D) ph-(949) 497-7844 
1278 Glenneyre Street, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
NorCal Division (Manufacturing) ph-(530) 468-2237, fx- (530) 468-2257
12001 Quartz Valley Rd., Fort Jones, Ca 96032
Type: Fully-closed
Model: Revived MK15's. Setpoint controllers (OEM & Retail). CCR Conversions.

O.M.G. ITALY/San-o-Sub Italia
Information on this unit can be found:
website:  Azimuth site:
Models: Azimuth (semi-close, soon also available fully closed)  C96 pro (O2 fully-closed)

Steam Machines, Inc., ph-(310) 937-5200, fax-(310) 937-7555
620 Cypress St., He/rmosa Beach, CA 90254
Type: Fully-closed
Model: PRISM Topaz    $7800.00 USD
Shipping: Now
information on these units can be found in the "Steam Machines Pages" of this web site.
Steam Machines also has their own page.

STDE (Swiss Technical Diving Equipment),   ph-+41794607210, fax +41216460312
Arno Murith, Covatannaz 16
1032 Romanel, Switzerland 
Contact: Michael Walz
Type: Semi-closed
Models: EDO 04          2700 EUR (~$2800 USD)
Shipping: yes, 40 days

Techincal Diving Equipment, ph-0049 361 7310050, fax-0049 361 7314153
Hinter der Rennbahn 10, Erfurt, Germany   99084
Type: Semi-closed
Model: SCR 100 XT    ~$1700.00 USD
Shipping: Now
information on these units can be found on their web site:

*** Draeger has stopped it's relationship with Uwatec. Uwatec is bringing a new unit due out later this year. Draeger has built and is selling a new unit called a "Dolphin".
Type: Semi-closed
Model: Atlantis I, $3800.00 USD
ph- Germany - +(49-4502) 883-229
ph- Asia- Uwatec Asia Ltd., Hong Kong, ph- (852) 2556-7338
UWATEC INC. USA, 14 Main St.,Brunswick, ME 04011
ph- (207) 729-7000, fax-(207) 729-3805

*** Out of Production Permanently***
Grand Bleu, Japan, ph- (81-3) 3796-1541, fax- (81-3) 3796-1542
Type: Semi-closed
Model: Fieno $2800.00 USD

Remanufactured Rebreathers

Juergensen Marine
Type: Fully-closed
Model: Remanufactured MK15's

Rebreathers In Process....

Model: Gator, Frog, (semi-fully something or other)
Shipping: '98
Notes: Early units were on display at DEMA '98

Cochran Consulting, USA
ph- (214) 644-6284 fax- (214) 644-6280
Type: Fully-Closed
Model: The Cochran Rebreather
Shipping: sometime in '98.

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